Transvulcania ultra 74k race😎

Transvulcania ultra 74km race.Mountains of volcanos, beaches, forests, tropical island just like Madeira which I’ve ran before helping me with the training for La Palma.

La Palma is a beautiful little island with lovely natural beauty everywhere, Our race had it all with incredible mountains with a lovely backdrop of islands pecks near by.
This race had very technical tracks, tough & brutal but fun 😜 hills that never ended ( which I loved) jagged rocks, slippery sandy paths that ripped our feet lots as well as the little stones from the sand lots of sand! Few people was wearing gathers but I went against using them “less is more” I kind of like the feeling of little stones in my shoes anyhow !! There was so much scree & hard on your eyes you really needed sun glasses on this route. We had to scramble up long brutal & tough hills!! But like all hills once up there’s always nicer downs!!

I started using my running poles about 25km in & used them till the end & they came in great I loved them!!! they also helped me stay upright when I hit that wall from the heat! When Geogre had passed me out he looked back to see was I ok & said he you didn’t look good as I was pending over on my poles trying to beat the heat😱 
The hardest point on this race for me was the heat it really did kill me I had passed out from it & think I was like a zombie for 2-5mins stopping to rest from the beating sun / heat every now & then on the mountain! Not a good feeling at all I wanted to get sick! Lots of people were helping me & I got up trying to find any shade from that sun!!! Once I made it very slowly up to the shade & into the woods which I must say gave me my mojo back as I was about to give up about 50k in!! Nicola Cleary had passed me as well as David Turk & said the same you don’t look good juju! I told all to keep pushing I’ll be fine…That heat really killed me so much! Passing out isn’t good for the body I was really sick!!
The race mountain rescue helpers came over to me at one point giving me the full testing & saying your not good to carry on !!😳💥☀️ & I said NO WAY am going to push on I think they tried to stop me but I ran off !! Hoping they didn’t take my number down & give me a DNF at the end!! So known there was only 24k left I started to push on & was super happy with myself at this stage as I was running like I always do ripper on the super techie rocky steep down hills just playing really I can’t write how tough that track was but it was fun passing out lots of runners jumping & passing them out as most was walking down I had passing Nic out again sorry I didn’t stop I was going to fast! Then passed Dave think he said WOW you recovery good!! Thanks for your hugs dude!! 
I’d say the pain in their legs wasn’t a nice feeling anyhow I met a lovely couple who we all ran with each other by REALLY they knew how to run fast down them rocks which I loved the most!!! 
Soon we came to the view of sea & WOW that super rocky zig zag path all the way down think about 15k maybe less not sure but I loved it so much racing it all jumping everything & just letting go no fear tap tap tap it’s my the best fun all day!!!! Juju was back & feeling stronger then ever before!!! 
And then when you think it’s all over its not as the ultras had 5k left UP HILL & it was SUPER TOUGH too!!! But pushed on in pain my body had hit its max of running so fast in pain down hill with lots of champs but knew if I stop I will never start again! Lots of people on the streets had water for us but I couldn’t drink it & had it dropped over my head to cool me off! It worked too😜😎 last 3k or so was flat & it was my race so time to give it all & pushed on passing lots of people all in so much pain ( I felt the same ) trying to help a few people too as they fell over in pain!! But needed to keep moving & soon came to end last 1k to see 1000’s of people everyone outside the cafes pushing us on at this stage I was crying lots as for my pain of such a very tough adventure with that dam heat !!!!!!!! & then seen that lovely mat & gave it socks push push push I was very happy that I could push that fast on my forefoot staying nice & light tap tap tap to the end of the race!!!!! 
GREAT to see My friends George & Sam…. GPS moving time 13hours 7mins over all race time 14hours 22mins 26secs!! Not the best but happy I didn’t give up!! 
Thanks for reading peace & juju hugs to you all.. 
Big thanks to Eva for buying me the best shoes that I really loved on this race. Love ya!😍

Big thanks to the MSR team & for everything..


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